Greetings from the ancient land of Genghis Khan, Nomads, and Blue Skies. Let us start this journey by making the point that, proper introductions and customs are very important for Mongolian people. After all, Mongolia is a part of Asia. Despite political and economic turbulences in the State of Mongolia in the past, not much has changed in the ordinary lifestyle of the Nomads since the times of Genghis Khan. Ironically, if his Empire was still around, travellers would have had the benefit of moving freely across Eurasia without worrying about visas and border guards.

The historian and the archeologist in you will love the Genghis Khan Empire and the world's richest and best-preserved fossil deposits of dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles; while the environmentalist in you will enjoy the beautifully preserved natural wonders from the Gobi desert to the Siberian taiga forests; whereas the anthropologist in you will appreciate the Tibetan Buddhist traditions and the cultural diversity.

Mongolia exists with very basic facilities, but that’s what makes it so beautiful. Travelling in a clockwise direction through the scorching Gobi Desert to the beautiful lakes, forests, canyons and waterfalls all the while passing huge herds of wild horses, camels, goats, yaks and cows is an unforgettable experience. From bush camping to ger camps, there is always an adventure lurking.

A Siberian expression,“There are no roads, there are directions,” stands true when it comes to Mongolia. People here, move and migrate the way they choose for reasons only Nomads know. It sounds so different from our world, which is exactly why Mongolia does wonders for you if you are seeking a moment of peace from the daily routine of the busy cities, work, and problems.

So let Mongolia be your natural teacher. Trust her and she will share with you a secret of simple life.

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