Frequently Asked Questions 


What travel plans does TravelMG offer?

We don’t! The travel experts at TravelMG believe that good travel plans can never be set in stone. Your holiday is unique and we want it to be memorable. Keeping in tune with our core beliefs, our travel experts are dedicated to understanding your likes and preferences, to be able to create a holiday plan for you like no other!

What are some locations TravelMG recommends traveling to?

At TravelMG, we have an affinity for offbeat locations and unique experiences. You can explore the unexplored if you choose to visit Fiji, Bora Bora, Costa Rica, the South Pole, and so on - the list goes on and the adventures are endless! Of course, we plan holidays for those looking to tick off the most popular tourist destinations off their lists too, like Switzerland, Rajasthan, Singapore, etc.

Does TravelMG specialize in family travel or group holidays?

Whether you are a family of five heading out for the Summer, a bunch of nostalgic friends reuniting years after college ended, or a couple looking to celebrate their 50th anniversary - no number of people can stop up from planning the best trip you will make! All you have to do is tell us the number of people who are travelling and our travel experts will give you the best option.

Does TravelMG handle the logistics?

Absolutely! We understand that with other time commitments, planning for a holiday can be tedious. At TravelMG, we start planning your holiday as soon as you have narrowed down on the place you wish to visit. We handle everything from transit, accommodation, transportation when you are at the destination and everything in between.

Who are TravelMG’s travel experts?

Wanderers that have been in the industry for over 20 years, our travel experts have travelled extensively across the world! They have also studied travel and tourism to fuel their passion for creating unforgettable memories for our clients by planning splendid holidays.

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