A cultural splendour nestled in the heart of nature, India is a country that keeps giving! With the palaces of Rajasthan that make you feel like royalty, the spotless beaches of Poovar, the houseboats of Kashmir, or the Chorla Ghat of the Sahyadris - there is no end to the possibilities you can explore in India! Between monuments, nature, and even adventure sports, India gives you the kind of fantastical holiday that you have only ever dreamed of. Pick your destination; then sit back and enjoy while we create the most surreal holiday for you!

Offbeat Locations and Unique Experiences

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Take a detour on your way to Goa

Sometimes, all you need is a quick getaway for a few days, as a break from the monotony. Drive down to Goa but take a slight detour. Approximately 60 km from Belgaum lies the Chorla Ghat of the Sahyadris. Make that quick getaway you need by plunging into an abundance of flora and fauna for a couple of nights and soak yourself in the wilderness for a rejuvenating experience before you make your way to North Goa!

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Take a road trip through Maharashtra

With a number of vineyards, you can be your own wine connoisseur from November to February, which is the best time to drive through Maharashtra! Pleasant weather allows for pleasant strolls by the coast at various beaches, giving you access to the cool breeze and soft, glowing sunsets!

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Enjoy a unique combination of wildlife and culture in Coorg and Kabini

The Kabini wildlife sanctuary allows you to view a variety of species of wild animals on the banks of the river Kabini. Once a private hunting ground for the British, the sanctuary now forbids any form of hunting and allows for animals to live peacefully in their home. At just 2 hours away, you can enjoy the culture of Coorg with localized food and homestays. Coorg is also home to coffee estates that manufacture amongst the most aromatic coffees you can find, and these estates are open to visitors!

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Live in the heart of a forest in Uttarakhand

The Jilling estate is one of the most memorable getaways at the foothills of the Kumaon regions. The Jilling sanctuary is home to a resort that encourages you to take a walk to the resort from a drop-off point approximately 20 minutes away. You live inside the forest, within absolute tranquillity. The resort is also home to the state’s only heated swimming pool. Go on, take a dip!


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