Essentials guide to better travel planning

I have been travelling for well over 32 years around the globe almost if i may say, by saying so i must admit the last leg of my travel to Latin America is due soon, and i am doing extensive reading, research before i embark on this solo journey.

Travel is booming, flights are full, hotels arent available, if they are, the rates are seemingly high and mind blowing , what happens next the holiday goes for a toss, or may be we get into a change mode, re plan , or even change the destination. But “ Hold On” is that the only solution that is available?

Here comes the trick,. for over 30 years we have been in the business of arranging customized and tailor made holidays within #incredibleindia and destinations around the world. And we have been continuously emphasizing on early planning which not only saves airfares but you can get good rates for hotels too.

At #travelmg we would like to save every rupee of yours by effective planning, be it you are travelling within india or to any international destination. Our expertise is to understand your need and then offer solutions, whats more this doesnt come with any additional cost.

Some important points that we need to keep in mind for better planning and save on cost are

1)check for the weather in the country you plan to visit- Is it the best time to visit that country, city

2) what is the best possible airfare - there are lot of low cost carriers offering cheaper airfare, is that the best solution, what are the terms and conditions, which airport does it come in and fly out from , what is the luggage allowance , is the airfare refundable , what are the flight timings,airlines use 24 hr clock , in the process of saving airfares we often overlook on these points which are important- Remember cheaper the airfare maximum the conditions

3) While arranging accommodation these days we often see the trend to stay in service apartments , it works out cheaper and the quality of the stay is also good, but where is the apartment located, is it in the city center , is it in the suburbs, do we have transport to move around (ie- local bus or the u bahn ) what features does the apartment (washing machine, dish washer, t v , a/c , micro wave) , which floor is it located(so if you have senior citizens travelling with you and if the apartment doesnt have a lift then it isnt for you)

4) what is the cheapest mode of transport for internal travel

5) How can you save on your meals

6) How early can you apply for your visa - most of the european consulates in India allow you to apply 90 days prior to your departure , yet we most of us ignore this feature and apply at last minutes only to find rush at the consulates for applications which in turn can hinder your travel plans.

7) Last but not the least but which is one of the most Important point in planning your holiday, what is your budget? what is the time that you have in hand to spend for that particular holiday , or how much time is exactly needed to get the best of that place, city or country

At Travel Management we have been always highlighting and emphasizing on delivering service, quality and value to our clients and its your hard earned money and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest extent with our guidance and expertise

So lets me the best of travel , for more details on customized and tailor made travel plans talk to your travel consultant on 0091-20-66017651 or write to us on , visit us on to know more about us.

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