Asias Most affordable and Value for money destination- Bali- Indonesia


Its not a secret any more that people are travelling around the world. Most of us plan well in advance and reap the benefit of cheaper airfares and good hotel rates and few of us are last minute planners . Asia today is the hot spot of travel, not only because of availability of so many destinations but also due to affordability, and one budget and needs are catered for the traveler finds value for money and thus enjoys the holiday.

Asia hot spot destination:

There are lot of destinations in Asia which are worth a visit, one “ the places” which has been making waves consistently is “ Bali “ in Indonesia. Bali caters to not only the traveler who is looking for a out of the box experience but has also been appealing for travelers who are looking looking for all round experiences like those who are have interest in art, culture, architecture, food , shopping to name a few. Those who are looking for solace and peace and want to be away from the crowd also find bali as the holiday destination.

So why Bali:

I wouldnt say bali is a year long destination but what i would admit is if you are not particularly vary about the weather then bali is the place to be any time of the year, the energy, the vibrancy, the aura just drives you and makes you feel young and energetic every time you visit. The best time is to be there is between May to Aug , it will be summer time so travelers are requested to plan well in advance to get best hotel rates and airfares. So why bali? is only because of the beach or good hotels rates(competitive and cheaper) or shopping.

More than that what impressed me was during my stay was , the travel industry was well organised with quality of service at its best, be it from visiting to Tanah Lot temple to visiting the Kintamani volcano or visiting the nusa penida beach each and every experience was amazing. The Kecak dance a remake of the Ramayana epic was presented very well full marks to the locals to perform in the performance.

So for those who are looking at an all round experience with a nice break , good quality of service , good hotels at great prices , bali is the place to be.For all those who love beach sports, or who are foodies , this is one place to be and lets not forget, shopping experience is amazing in bali dont forget to look around before you buy as there are quite a few places where one can get good deals for the art and artifacts.

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